Nemetschek Bulgaria

Customer Requests Workload Report

FREE, FAST and EASY way to inform customers for the time spent on their requests via the JIRA Service Desk user portal.


Use the JIRA project configuration menu to enable or disable the customers access to the report.

From the predefined list select what type of information to be exposed at the portal.

View Report

On the portal select "Requests" page.

At the bottom, under the "Requests" list, is placed the "Requests Workload Report".

Select results set

Select to view data for this or previous month

Use the filtering combo boxes to select required results set

Export Data

Use the "Export" button to store the result set to a CSV file.

Data Security and Privacy Statement

Data Storage

Customer Requests Workload Report add-on do not store data outside of the JIRA Server except the data that that can be dowloaded via the JIRA Service Desk customer portal by the sutomer. All the content handled by our plugin is stored directly into the JIRA server instance as we don't store user sensitive data. At times, we may temporary store (cache) some configuration information required for the operation of the applications. For license validation, we only store client information provided and generated by Atlassian for that purpose.

People and Access

Our plugin applications have limited access to customer data and such access is programmatically negotiated during the installation. The applications only access the information required for providing its functionality and only data generated by our applications may be temporary retained by our applications for caching and synchronization purposes only. Our plugin applications are designed to allow application data to be accessible only with appropriate credentials, such that one customer cannot access another customer's data. Our plugin support team do not have access to customer data.

Third Parties

We do not use external services.


Nemetschek Bulgaria understands and is committed to the the importance of ensuring the privacy of your personally identifiable information.

Service Level Agreement

When creating a support request to Nemetschek Bulgaria, we will respond no more than 24 business hours from the time of your request. Our intention is to help you faster, but as we are a small company we appreciate your patience. Nemetschek Bulgaria will use reasonable efforts to perform the Support in accordance with the SLA, but will not be responsible for delays caused by the Client or for reasons beyond Nemetschek's control.

Business Hours and Response Time

Nemetschek's business hours are Monday - Friday, 8AM-4PM CET(9AM-5PM BG Time). Nemetschek Bulgaria is closed on major holidays including, but not limited to: New Years Day, Easter holidays, International Workers' Day, Ascension Day, National Day of Bulgaria, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Second Christmas Day.

Support Includes

Help with issues during installation, issues during upgrades, troubleshooting problems with Nemetschek's add-ons, identifying workarounds, configuring your use case.

Support Does Not Include

Product Training, Customers who do not have a valid and current license or active subscription. Support for JIRA issues, support in any language other than English or Bulgarian.